Tiffanny Lim Tan

Objective: To direct and train teams to create art with target demographic and deadlines strictly in mind. To build team culture that allow my direct reports have both high morale and productivity.

Summary of Skills and Qualifications:
  • Managing Teams
  • Managing Outsourcing
  • Strong understanding of human anatomy
  • Strong animal drawing skills
  • Strong character design and creature drawing skills.
  • Strong knowledge of color theory
  • Strong painting skills, traditional and digital
  • Strong storytelling and storyboarding skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong at conveying movement
  • 14 Years in the game industry
  • 16 shipped titles
  • Traditional, 2d and 3d Animation experience.
  • 3d Studio MAX, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe AfterEffects and Flash
  • Bachelors of Media Arts and Animation
  • Gamebryo, Cocos Builder 2dX

  • Awards
    • 3rd Place, Intergraph Saytek Award for Outstanding Animation. Nationwide Art Institutes Animation Contest.
    • 2nd Place, Character Design Contest, hosted by TheIllustrationBoard.com
    • Zynga Top Talent Award, 2015
    • Zynga Austin Studio All-Star of the Month, July 2015, March 2016 - This monthly award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond for their project.
    • Zynga Rockstar Award, Q2 2015 - This award recognizes individuals who represent excellence in their craft.
    Indie Game Awards
    • Best Development Team, 2006, Wargamer.com, Take Command: Second Mannases
    • Reader's Choice Game of the Year, 2006 Wargamer.com, Take Command: Second Mannases
    • Silver Medal, Developer of the Year, 2005 Wargamer.com, Take Command: Bull Run
    • War Game of the Year, 2005, Wargamer.com, Take Command: Bull Run
    • PC Gamer, 2012, 100 Best PC Games of All Time. Take Command: Bull Run

    Work History
    Zynga (August 2012 - Present)
    • Wizard of Oz Slots (I-phone, Android, Kindle, Facebook. Launched)
      • Art Director
    • The Princess Bride Slots (I-phone, Android, Kindle, Facebook. Launched)
      • Associate Art Director, Outsource Manager
    • Duck Dynasty Slots (I-phone, Android. Launched)
      • Lead Artist, Outsource Manager, Art Director (Unofficial)
    • Riches of Olympus (I-phone, Android. Launched)
      • Lead Artist, Outsource Manager
    • Zynga Elite Slots (Facebook. Launched)
      • Principal Artist
      • Character Design, Flash animation, Watercolor
    Steel Penny Games (April 2010 - August 2012)
    • Trivia Adventure (Facebook, launched)
      • Art Director
    • Puzzling Paws, The Adventures of Bruiser and Scratch (PC, Shipped)
    • Watercolor illustration of the game's cast of characters.
    • Character Artist and Animator
    Breakaway Games, Ltd (Oct, 2003 - April 2010)
    • Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth , Rise of the Witch King (PC, shipped)
    • Character Artist and Animator
    • Civilization III: Conquerors Expansion Pack (PC, shipped)
    • Character Artist and Animator
    • Code Orange, a training tool for mass casualty emergency response. (PC, for hospitals only.  shipped.)
    • Character Artist and Supervising Animator
    • Proficiency in Gamebryo's animation system put me in a leadership role.
    • Pulse!!, a medical training simulation for schools, military, and health professionals. (PC,  shipped)
    • Character Animation
    • Storyboarding
    • Dental implant training simulation for Medical College of Georgia and Nobel Biocare (PC,  shipped)
      • Character Artist, Animator.
    Atari (March, 2002 - June, 2003)
    • Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes (X-box, shipped)
    • Created cinematic-quality environments for the game's cinematics.
    • Character Artist, Animator, Environmental Artist
    • Cut-scene Designer
    Mad Minute Games (Freelance, 2004, 2005)
    • Take Command: Civil War Bull Run (PC, Best War Game 2005, Best Budget Game 2005, 2nd Place -  Best Development Team, shipped)
      • Cinematic-quality video intro.
    • Character Artist, Environmental Artist, Animator.
    • Take Command: 2nd Mannases (PC, Wargame of the year 2005, Best development Team, Silver. shipped)
      • Character Artist, Animator
    Big Huge Games (September 2001 - February 2002)
    • Rise of Nations (PC, Shipped)
      • Character artist and animator.

    The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
    • Bachelor's in Media Arts and Animation, Dean's List Honors.
    • Associates in Multimedia and Animation, Dean's List Honors.

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